Who is the Longest-Serving Member of Pink Floyd?

If you are a fan of Pink Floyd, you probably know that the band has gone through many changes in its lineup and style over the years. The legendary progressive rock group was founded in 1965 by Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright, and later joined by David Gilmour in 1968. But who among them has stayed with the band from the beginning to the end?

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Pink Floyd Members

The Drummer and Percussionist of Pink Floyd

The answer is Nick Mason, the drummer and percussionist of Pink Floyd. He is the only member to have performed on every Pink Floyd record, from their debut album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967) to their final album The Endless River (2014). He is also the only founding member to have remained in the band throughout its history, while Barrett left in 1968 due to mental health issues, Waters left in 1985 due to creative differences, and Wright left in 1981 and rejoined in 1987 as a session musician and later as a full member.

Mason is often overlooked as a key contributor to Pink Floyd’s sound and success, but he has been instrumental in creating some of the band’s most iconic songs and albums. He co-wrote classics like “Time”, “Echoes”, “One of These Days” and “Careful with That Axe, Eugene”, and provided tape effects, sound effects and occasional vocals. He also collaborated with Gilmour and Wright on The Endless River, which was based on unreleased material from the Division Bell sessions in 1993.

Nick Mason’s Loyalty to Pink Floyd

Mason has never been interested in pursuing a solo career or being a frontman. He once said: “I can’t function on my own. I have to be part of a pack or a herd or whatever it is. No one’s interested in the drummer going solo.” He has always been loyal to Pink Floyd and its legacy, even when the band was plagued by internal conflicts and lawsuits. He maintained friendly relations with both Waters and Gilmour, and participated in the band’s reunion for Live 8 in 2005.

Mason is not only a musician, but also a passionate car collector and racer. He owns several rare and expensive cars, such as a Ferrari 250 GTO, a Bugatti Type 35, and an Aston Martin Ulster. He has competed in various racing events, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and the Mille Miglia. He has also written books about his experiences with cars and music, such as Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd (2004) and Passion for Speed: Twenty-Four Classic Cars that Shaped a Century of Motor Sport (2010).

Dedication and Contribution to Pink Floyd

Nick Mason may not be as famous or as controversial as his former bandmates, but he deserves recognition and respect for his dedication and contribution to Pink Floyd. He is the longest-serving member of one of the most influential and successful bands in rock history, and that is no small feat.

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