Who Are Some Famous Fans of Pink Floyd?

Emerging from the vibrant musical landscape of 1960s London, Pink Floyd stands as a monumental force in the realm of progressive and psychedelic rock. Their music has inspired countless artists across different genres and generations, from rock to pop, from metal to rap, from classical to electronic. But who are some of the celebrities who have expressed their admiration and appreciation for the legendary band? Here is a list of Pink Floyd famous fans and their quotes about them.

Paul Mccartney With Roger Waters - Floydology Store
Paul Mccartney With Roger Waters

21 Celebrities Who are Pink Floyd Fans:

  • Paul McCartney, who was a fan of Pink Floyd in their early days and attended their concerts at the Cavern.
  • Alice Cooper, who has performed Pink Floyd songs live and praised their music.
  • Pete Townshend, who has collaborated with David Gilmour and Roger Waters and called them “geniuses”.
  • Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters, who have covered Pink Floyd songs and expressed their admiration for the band.
  • Marilyn Manson, who has cited Pink Floyd as an influence and covered their song “In the Flesh?”.
  • Brian May and Freddie Mercury of Queen, who were both huge fans of Pink Floyd and their albums.
  • Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, who has performed with David Gilmour and called him “one of the greatest guitarists of all time”.
  • Tom Petty, who loved Pink Floyd but hated them for keeping his album from #1 in the US charts.
  • Don Henley and Glenn Frey of The Eagles, who were fans of Pink Floyd and worked with Roger Waters.
  • Linda Blair, who starred in The Exorcist and named Pink Floyd as one of her top 10 all time favorite bands.
  • Jose Mourinho, who is a football manager and a fan of Pink Floyd.
  • Naomi Watts, who is an actress and has Pink Floyd’s “Money” as her cellphone ringtone.
  • Noel Gallagher, who digs The Wall and may do a cover of “Nobody Home” someday.
  • Radiohead, who have said that Pink Floyd have a big influence on them and their music.
  • Roxy Music, who have collaborated with David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera.
  • David Crosby, who is a friend and collaborator of David Gilmour.
  • Kate Bush, who was discovered by David Gilmour and has performed with him.
  • Robin Williams, who was an actor and a fan of Pink Floyd and attended their concerts.
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