Pink Floyd’s Most Iconic Concert Posters: A Visual Journey

If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, you know that their music transcends time, space, and boundaries. It’s a symphony of emotions that has touched the hearts of millions. But besides their groundbreaking music, Pink Floyd also left an indelible mark in the world of art and design, thanks to their mesmerizing concert posters. In this article, we take a deep dive into some of the most iconic Pink Floyd concert posters that have graced the walls of music enthusiasts worldwide.

The Dark Side of the Moon: A Poster to Remember

The Dark Side Of The Moon Poster - Floydology Store
The Dark Side Of The Moon Poster

Pink Floyd’s eighth studio album, “The Dark Side of the Moon”, is considered one of the greatest albums ever made. Its poster is equally iconic. Designed by George Hardie, the prism refracting light into a rainbow is instantly recognizable. The poster encapsulates the album’s themes of exploration, enlightenment, and the human experience.

Animals: The Orwellian Artistry

Animals Poster - Floydology Store
Animals Poster

The album “Animals” was a socio-political commentary, and its poster reflected this brilliantly. Created by Roger Waters himself, it portrays the Battersea Power Station as a grim factory, symbolizing the dehumanizing effects of capitalism. The imagery was a stark reminder of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

The Wall: Building Musical Barriers

The Wall Poster - Floydology Store
The Wall Poster

Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” was a rock opera like no other. Its poster, designed by Gerald Scarfe, mirrors the album’s themes of isolation and psychological breakdown. The marching hammers and the faceless teacher are hauntingly evocative, making it one of the most memorable concert posters in history.

Wish You Were Here: An Emotional Journey

Wish You Were Here Poster - Floydology Store
Wish You Were Here Poster

The “Wish You Were Here” poster is an iconic image of two businessmen shaking hands, one of them on fire. It’s a poignant commentary on the music industry’s cutthroat nature. The absence of a literal poster for this album makes its cover art even more significant.

Pulse: A Visual Symphony

Pulse Poster - Floydology Store
Pulse Poster

Pink Floyd’s “Pulse” tour was a visual spectacle, and its poster by Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell was no exception. The pulsing light emanating from the pyramid perfectly captured the band’s electrifying live performances. It’s a poster that resonates with fans who experienced the magic of Pink Floyd in concert.


In conclusion, Pink Floyd’s concert posters are not just pieces of paper; they are windows into the band’s soul and the era they defined. Each poster tells a story, conveys a message, and leaves a lasting impression. Whether you’re a Pink Floyd aficionado or an art enthusiast, these posters are a testament to the band’s enduring legacy in the world of music and visual arts.

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