How Pink Floyd and Metro Boomin Changed the Game with Synthesizers

Synthesizers are electronic musical instruments that can produce a variety of sounds by manipulating electrical signals. Synthesizers have been used in many genres of music, from pop to rock to hip hop, but few artists have been as influential and innovative as Pink Floyd and Metro Boomin in using them to create their own sonic identities.

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Pink Floyd & Metro Boomin

Pink Floyd – Pioneers of Progressive Rock

Pink Floyd was one of the pioneers of progressive rock, a genre that experimented with complex structures, concepts, and themes. The band used synthesizers extensively in their albums, especially in the 1970s, to create atmospheric, psychedelic, and sometimes eerie sounds that complemented their lyrics and musical style. One of the most iconic examples of their use of synthesizers is the album The Dark Side of the Moon, which features the Moog synthesizer, the EMS VCS 3 synthesizer, and the EMS Synthi A synthesizer. These instruments helped Pink Floyd create sounds that were unheard of at the time, such as the heartbeat, the cash register, and the voices on “Speak to Me”, the oscillating tones on “On the Run”, and the vocal harmonies on “The Great Gig in the Sky”. The album is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential albums of all time, and has sold over 45 million copies worldwide.

Metro Boomin – A Successful Producer

Metro Boomin is one of the most successful and influential producers in modern hip hop, known for his signature tag “Metro Boomin want some more”. He has produced hits for artists such as Drake, Future, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, and many more. Metro Boomin uses synthesizers extensively in his beats, often creating dark, moody, and catchy melodies that contrast with the hard-hitting drums and bass. One of his most recognizable sounds is the “Metro Boomin lead”, a distorted and detuned synth sound that he uses in many of his songs, such as “Jumpman” by Drake and Future, “Mask Off” by Future, and “X” by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin. Metro Boomin has also experimented with different types of synthesizers, such as analog, digital, and software-based ones. He has cited Pink Floyd as one of his influences, saying that he likes their “weird sounds” and “crazy effects”.

Creative and Effective Use of Synthesizers

Both Pink Floyd and Metro Boomin have changed the game with synthesizers by using them creatively and effectively to express their musical visions. They have inspired generations of musicians and listeners with their unique sounds and styles. Synthesizers are not just instruments, but tools for innovation and experimentation.

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