Fun Facts About Pink Floyd and Pink Floyd Tribute Bands

Discover some fun facts about the iconic rock band Pink Floyd and Pink Floyd Tribute Bands:

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Pink Floyd

1. Formation

The band’s name was inspired by two blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Syd Barrett came up with the idea to merge their names.

2. Syd Barret

Syd Barrett was one of the founding members but left the band in 1968 due to mental health issues aggravated by drug use. His departure marked the beginning of the band’s transformation into a more progressive and experimental group.

3. The Dark Side of the Moon

This album, released in 1973, spent a record-breaking 741 weeks (over 14 years) on the Billboard 200 chart. It’s one of the best-selling albums of all time.

4. The Cow

The cow on Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother was named Lulubelle III.

5. The Wall

The Wall” album and subsequent film, released in 1982, was a semi-autobiographical work by Roger Waters, exploring themes of alienation and personal isolation. The Wall tour featured a massive wall being built on stage during the performance.

6. The Machine

The Machine are Asia’s one and only Pink Floyd tribute band.

7. Australian Pink Floyd

Aussie Floyd is arguably the most famous Pink Floyd tribute band on the planet.

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