Exploring Pink Floyd Tattoo Ideas: Unique Designs and Inspiration

If you want to express your love for Pink Floyd in a permanent and artistic way, you’re in the right place. Pink Floyd tattoos are not just about ink on skin; they’re about capturing the essence of the band’s music, philosophy, and visual artistry.

1. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Tattoo

The Dark Side Of The Moon Tattoo - Floydology Store
The Dark Side Of The Moon Tattoo

One of the most iconic album covers of all time, “The Dark Side of the Moon“, offers a wealth of tattoo inspiration. Consider getting the prism and rainbow design, which represents the album’s themes of light, color, and the human experience. This tattoo symbolizes the band’s exploration of life’s complexities and is a favorite among Pink Floyd enthusiasts.

2. Pink Floyd The Wall Tattoo

The Wall Tattoo - Floydology Store
The Wall Tattoo

If you resonate with the rebellious spirit of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, a tattoo inspired by this concept album and film is a perfect choice. Imagine a tattoo featuring the iconic marching hammers or the wall itself, which represents isolation and breaking free from societal constraints. It’s a powerful symbol of individuality and resistance.

3. Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb Tattoo

Comfortably Numb Tattoo - Floydology Store
Comfortably Numb Tattoo

For those who connect deeply with the emotional lyrics and haunting melody of “Comfortably Numb”, consider a tattoo that incorporates elements like a bleeding rose, crossed hammers, or simply the song’s title. This design embodies the sensation of being lost in music and serves as a reminder of the band’s profound impact on your life.

4. Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Tattoo

Wish You Were Here Tattoo - Floydology Store
Wish You Were Here Tattoo

Wish You Were Here” is an ode to absence and longing, making it a meaningful choice for a tattoo. Picture yourself with a tattoo featuring two robotic hands shaking, flames, or the iconic album cover with two men shaking hands while one is on fire. This tattoo is a poignant tribute to missing someone dear.

5. Pink Floyd Animals Tattoo

Animals Tattoo - Floydology Store
Animals Tattoo

“Animals” is a thought-provoking album that uses animal metaphors to comment on society. A tattoo inspired by this album could incorporate images of the pig, sheep, and dog – the album’s central characters. It’s a unique choice for fans who appreciate Pink Floyd’s social commentary and lyrical depth.

6. Pink Floyd The Division Bell Tattoo

The Division Bell Tattoo - Floydology Store
The Division Bell Tattoo

“The Division Bell” is a stunning album that explores themes of communication and connection. A tattoo featuring the enigmatic sculpture from the album cover or the bell itself can serve as a reminder to prioritize meaningful connections in your life. It’s a subtle yet powerful choice for a Pink Floyd tattoo.


In conclusion, Pink Floyd offers a treasure trove of tattoo ideas for fans who want to carry a piece of the band’s legacy with them. When selecting a Pink Floyd tattoo, it’s essential to choose a design that resonates with your personal connection to the band’s music and philosophy. Whether it’s the enigmatic prism, the rebellious wall, the haunting numbness, the longing for presence, the societal commentary, or the call for better communication, Pink Floyd tattoos can be a beautiful and profound expression of your love for this legendary band.

So, if you’re considering getting a Pink Floyd tattoo, remember to choose a design that speaks to your soul, and let the ink tell your story.

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