David Gilmour’s Contribution to Paul McCartney’s “Run Devil Run”

In 1999, Paul McCartney released his eleventh solo album, “Run Devil Run”, which was a collection of rock and roll covers and three original songs. The album was recorded in a week at Abbey Road Studios, with a band that included Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, who also co-produced the album with McCartney and Chris Thomas.

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Run Devil Run Paul Mccartney

David Gilmour’s Significant Contribution

Gilmour’s contribution to the album was significant, as he not only played guitar on all the tracks, but also sang backing vocals, arranged some of the songs, and helped McCartney choose the material. Gilmour also brought his own vintage guitars and amps to the sessions, creating a distinctive sound that blended well with McCartney’s bass and vocals.

One of the highlights of the album was the title track, “Run Devil Run”, which was an original song by McCartney inspired by a 1950s advertisement for a herbal medicine. The song featured a driving rhythm, a catchy chorus, and a fiery guitar solo by Gilmour. Another standout track was “No Other Baby”, a cover of a 1958 song by The Vipers, which showcased Gilmour’s slide guitar skills and his harmony vocals with McCartney.

Impact of the Album

The album received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised McCartney’s return to his rock and roll roots and Gilmour’s tasteful and versatile guitar playing. The album also spawned a live concert at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where McCartney and Gilmour performed some of the songs from the album along with other classics from their respective careers.

Musical Chemistry

“Run Devil Run” was a testament to the musical chemistry and friendship between Paul McCartney and David Gilmour, who had collaborated on several occasions before and after the album. It was also a tribute to the rock and roll pioneers who influenced them both, and a reminder of their enduring talent and passion for music.

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